Radio Parallax

Show 712

February 11, 2016
  1. Current Events
  2. Interview with John Lysack age 101, about his participation in the Berlin 1936 Olympics. NBC Sports airs a documentary on Feb 14th including footage of John..
  3. Science topics: clever dogs, our bug roomates, convergent fossil insect evolution, plants putting up a stink, something odd is orbiting a distant star, Pluto vs Eris

The End is Nigh

Feb 10, 2016

All things must pass. Our time as a local show on KDVS will end next month. Frankly we've extended our Davis run longer than expected. The podcasts will continue into 2016. And we hope we can maintain a presence on KZFR for a while. A lot of our early shows were not aired in Chico so we'd like to broadcast some favorites. We will keep you posted. Hopefully with more alacrity than our usual rate of blog updates.