Radio Parallax

Show 690

September 3, 2015
  1. Current Events, margarine is worse than butter
  2. Jeff vonKaenel of the Sacramento News and Review talks about the papers legal assault from the mayor and the fundraiser being held to support press freedom
  3. Saudi misbehavior; Jeb lies about ISIS, Chafee nails Hilary, Tanzania's water woes imitate CAs, kudos to Margaret Hutchinson, also oral contraceptive pioneers

Support the SN&R

Sep 9, 2015

Support the freedom of the press by coming out Sept 16th. Read Jeff vonKaenel editorial for more info. We will remind you on this weeks show. And we note with sadness that we are planning to turn over the keys two weeks from now for the "Best of Radio Parallax" on KDVS (and KZFR) while planning some original new content. Podcasts will continue, also with fresh material. Graham Smith and Edward MacMillan will be producing this as your longstanding host goes on assingnment this fall.