Radio Parallax

Show 649

November 27, 2014
  1. Thanksgiving show. Our usual opening approach.
  2. Classic Comedy for the Holidays; a Rodney Dangerfield riff, Abbot & Costello's 'Who's on First', Monty Python's 'Argument Clinic', Nat Lampoon Radio Hour 'The Immigrants', Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements', Symphonic Rolling Stones
  3. More yucks: George Carlin's 'Modern Man', Stan Freberg's 'Bannana Boat Song', Nat Lamp Radio Hour's 'Perry Shriner Court Appointed Lawyer' (Doug's fave), still more Tom Lehrer: 'National Brotherhood Week'


Nov 24, 2014

Given a Thursdays @ 5-6 pm time slot we are sure that once a year our terrestrial broadcasting audience plunges. We can hardly expect that many will choose to augment their turkey slicing holiday with the background sounds of Parallax. But some people will be keeping society functioning on this day, as they do every day, by manning the desk in hospitals, staffing firehouses, keeping gas stations open etc. We salute those doing their duty on a holiday and hope to make the day better this year with an emphasis on comedy bits we've always liked. We are busy making our selections now.