Radio Parallax

Show 500

January 19, 2012
  1. Chats: our very 1st guest, Sacramento legend Ed Hunter, KDVS GM, well liked clips
  2. Review of some favored clips with our laywer pal Steve Alexander serving as wingman
  3. More amusing past clips, a live chat with Will Durst

Our 500th Show

Jan 16, 2012

Show #500 is this Thursday. Holy mackerel. From June 2002 till January 2012.

As Samuel Goldwin once said: ”we've all passed a lot of water since then”. And so we have. Under and sometimes off the bridge.

We are going to spend considerable time in the archives OURSELVES for this one. Finding our favorite moments may he harder then we think. This is inspiring a long overdue website upgrade. Mr MacMillan will add his bio, for example. Some of his facts may actually be true. We fully expect many to be. And we will have more photos as time goes on. We swear.

Stay tuned