Radio Parallax

Show 983

January 18, 2023
  1. Einstein wisecrack, Dave Barry 2022 year in review, loonie column on why voter supression is no big, more Delta smelt woes despite temporary slowing of delta pumps, laughable Stanford PC language guidelines gets laughed at, the CES in Las Vegas just keeps making our lives better - talking dog devices, AI based baby stroller, South African aloe vera mistaken for aliens
  2. New revelations on ancient concrete, AG Rob Bonta suing over insuin price gouging, disables journalist Peter Pischke essay on continued opiod restictions per CDC, deep dive into The Week, GB&U, George Santos - astounding liar and Congressman, Kevin McCarthy - subpoena dodger and House Speaker, combo desk and exercise bike, marijuana tax revenue, Ugandan farmer with 12 wives and 558 grandkids now in favor of birth control