Radio Parallax

Show 980

December 21, 2022
  1. More crypto woes, and more on corporate socialism/ financial chicanery, follow-up items French language; canoing in the Pacific, MDMA, January 6th commission advice, Trump gets nuttier yet, the Economist looks back at its predictions and 2022 news, cover-ups, more Delta Tunnel machinations and the continued destruction of the ecosystem for the benefit of developers and agribusiness
  2. GB&U, Americas Frontline Doc indicted, Greg Palast observations on Georgia voter suppression - contrary to what the MSM has reported, Jefferson Morley on the continuing failure of the CIA to obey the law and release hidden JFK records, the insanity of quantum computers & SNDL and PQC, fusion advancement, fentanyl ODs and school responsibiity, desk bombing, the yeast that gave us lager