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Show 715

March 3, 2016
  1. Author and activist David Talbot talks about his book The Devil's Chessboard; Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Rise of America's Secret Government. Part 1 our power elite
  2. The Devil's Chessboard Part II: Dulles and the CIA's gains in power in the 50s
  3. The Devil's Chessboard Part III: the JFK assassination and the CIA's links to it, Allen Dulles masterminds the Warren Commission cover-up

David Talbot & siblings

Mar 3, 2016

We are pleased to be able to again speak with author David Talbot about his work on Deep Politics. His latest, The Devil's Chessboard, includes information that is not in our history books, but should be. We devote the entire hour today to this conversation. In a happy bonus we hope to bring another Talbot onto the program next week. Sister Margaret Talbot has written a wonderful chronicle of their father actor Lyle Talbot. Last night one of Lyle's first films was shown at the Castro theater in San Francisco and all four of the distinguished Talbot progeny were in attendance. We will talk about that on next week's show.