Radio Parallax

Show 662

February 19, 2015
  1. Current Events, prize anecdote on Gary Owens
  2. Interview with Astronomy magazine editor Richard Talcott abouth their 500th issue (with 500 cool facts)
  3. Obit: Lesley Gore, CA (still) running out of water - thanks real estate developers; updates: MSG, Straus-Kahn and government spying (this time to "stop cyber attacks")

The show is the blog

Feb 20, 2015

Yeah, I know. We promise to be better about blogging, then neglect to update these notes(sigh). Well doggonnit we have a lot of things keeping us busy: the quilting bees, the charity work at the local disco, the carving of ships to stick inside bottles to sell to tourists, the square dances. It eats up the day. But watch this space. We predict confidently - more frequent contributions. Since the last one was Thanksgiving that should set the bar low ENOUGH to make this a lead pipe cinch. TBC