Radio Parallax

Show 647

November 13, 2014
  1. Current Events, opps it wasn't the Higgs Boson, bad medical advice from the early 1900s
  2. Chat with voice actor Corey Burton, bits of our prior chats with Norman Lloyd
  3. Carissa Carpenter indicted, Obit: Joan Quigley astrologer to Nancy & Ronald Reagan, Bill Maher's nonsense about Islam being evil

That's Show Biz

Nov 13, 2014

Entertainment influences just about everyone not living in a cave. So we can hardly exclude it from a program in "public affairs". Today we'll look back at our interview with Norman Lloyd, associate of Orson Welles, tennis mate of Charlie Chaplin, director for Alfred Hitchcock (and a working actor still) on the occasion of his 100th birthday! And we talk with voice actor Corey Burton whom we caught up with the tribute for Stan Freberg, legendary lampooner of American culture.

We hope to have more to say about Freberg in the future and note that traveling to Los Angeles for the program has yielded us wonderful chats with author Ray Bradbury, famous radio director Norman Corwin, and Fireside Theater veteran Phil Proctor. Clearly, we should head south more often in 2015.