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September 22, 2011
  1. Current Events, Will Durst on 'belt tightening'.
  2. Hawaiian influenced tales
  3. More Hawaiian influenced tales

Surfing in Kauai

Sep 25, 2011

Since we believe in going out to experience new things in order to report on them for RP – as a public service of course – part II of surfing lessons took place this month. This time the travel location was Kauai, rather then Costa Rica.

So little time, so may tropical paradises. What is one to do?

At the risk of sounding like a total and utter jerk I would point out that – as a friend's mom once said – it is better to do things than to have things. And the modest cost of a short stay in paradise compares pretty favorably with the cost of a helleva lot of gee-gaws we purchase to keep up with the Joneses here at home.

Criminy, think of the cost of a new car and its clear that a vacation is not all that expensive if one's tastes in accommodation are temperate.

At any rate, we are again hoping to bring a clip of the time spend in tropical climes. In this case my old pal Joe O. was kind enough to trot out his video equipment and record a fair number of attempts at standing up. Given the large volume of material we able to snag a couple of clips demonstrating a respectable amount of time standing vertical vs the waves.

To better appreciate this video we counsel listening to the audio - where we talk about adventures in the land of poi. And yes, no matter what you've heard it tastes great and is highly nutritious. The latter is a fact. The former may be hotly debated - but I'm sticking to my pro-pounded taro root stance, dammit.