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Show 445

December 23, 2010
  1. Current Events, Will Durst Top 10 comedic news stories of 2010
  2. Douglas Everett talks about his recent trip to Colombia
  3. Good things happening, periodic table review, bacterial tricks, red lunar eclipse

Milestones: I visit my 80th country AND update my blog

Dec 20, 2010

We have a new policy at RP. We will add new blog entries every 8 months at minimum, whether the site needs it or not. We are bad, we admit it. But wouldn't you rather we put our energy into making good radio? Sure you would.

Our thanks to those who helped us while the shows host was in South and Central America. We placed three shows in the can before departure and all managed to hit the airways on schedule.

Yours truly reached a milestone of sorts in that upon clearing customs in Bogota, my lifetime country total reached 80. The odds are looking pretty decent that I may make 100 before re-locating into that eco-tourist destination in the sky.

We are hoping to bring some footage shot on location in Colombia. In particular a 90 second clip of passing on the highway. This may not seem like something eventful or worthy of review upon returning home, but chances are you've never been on Colombian roads. The Andes are no place for an interstate such as the main arteries we have come to expect here. In fact, our journey to Cartagena had to be given up because the highway had washed down into the raging river below.

If a picture is worth 1000 words then our clip should be worth about 300,000 words of description. We celebrate the fact that Colombia is now, once again, a country that it is safe to visit. It is not quite ready for prime time however, as a tourist destination. It is rather more Third World than one might expect. For more of description we recommend listening to the show archives.

Oh, Costa Rica was pretty nice too. But then it always is. It is possible to have a crappy time in CR- I know a guy who did it – but this takes a truly exceptional effort, one dependent on a bad attitude. Surfing was attempted with some success. A hint for those longing to learn – do not wait till you are past your 39th birthday to start, or 49th, or worse.

Listen to more about THAT in the archives as well. Eh?