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Astrolomy vs Astronolgy

Mar 25, 2022

Future show topic. On only about 49 day of the year does your supposed sun sign correspond to where the sun really is on that date. Nobody who thinks he/she is a Libra really is. Same for Scorpio. Most of the time you are really the sign before the one you think you are. For 8 days in the year you are 2 signs ahead. On 18 days (11/30 to 12/17) your birthday makes you one of the 13th sign of the zodiac - Ophiucus. The astrologers have not worked out the personality for you Ophiucoids. Which frankly, is the least of their problems. Stay tuned for more.

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* Parallax: the apparent change in the position of an object resulting from the change in position from which it is viewed; Websters New World Dictionary, 2nd college edition 1968.